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Caitlyn B.


Sofia P.
Christine saloon is amazing. My daughter had her first coloring hair with lots of beautiful tones and they where super sweet with her make her feel so especial and the final espectation was excelent Beautiful coloring work


Keila A.


Marita G.
I am usually not a negative commenter and I have hemmed and hawed about even responding, but I have to say it was not a good experience and a bad cut. I felt rushed, I was in and out in 30 mins including wash, cut, style, after photos and payment. I assume my stylist is brand new given that she said she was giving me a "state board cut" which should have been the first sign of trouble. She just seemed over confident and really not careful enough when cutting off many inches of very curly hair. It's just a haircut, it's not life or death, but I do feel that all kinds of feedback is important.


Rebecca B.


Tammy C.
Love the boyloge done by lexi i would come back for anything that i wanted done


Corianna M.
Hi there, It's been a couple days and I've had a chance to reflect. I was so excited for my appointment at Hair by Christine. I decided it was time for me to find a salon in Boston that I could commit longterm too, and I found Hair by Christine & Co. on yelp. Your reviews are stellar and I love that you are LGBTQ friendly (and proud of it!) I was scheduled for a hair cut with Jennifer and brow wax with Taylor. Hair cut: I'm a bit confused as to what happened. I did arrive 5 minutes late for my 12:15pm appointment (I called to let Jenn know). When I arrived, Jenn asked the receptionist when her next appointment was, and was told it was at 1:30pm. Jenn asked if I would be ok with just a haircut and air dry (my hair is thick), I said, that that would be ok if we ran out of time, but I would like the blow dry if possible. Jenn finished my cut and did a quick blow dry and had me out of the chair by 12:50pm, saying that next time I need to schedule 1hr 45minutes to have the full hair cut and blow dry. She then proceeded to say that she spent a whole hour just cutting my hair (w/out the 5 min of blow drying). My appointment with Taylor wasn't until 1:30pm (my hair was supposed to take until then) so I waited in the front with my wet hair, waiting for Taylor. Jenn ran out to make a phone call and said that she was glad her next appointment was running late so she could check her voice mail, but her next appointment wasn't until 1:30pm (it wasn't even 1pm).... Taylor was able to see me earlier than scheduled. It was a fabulous brow experience. She took her time, and I felt like she really took care and did a great job. 5 stars! All in all, my hair cut was 30 min (including wash). I was out before my eye wax appointment was even supposed to take place. Here's what I think happened with Jenn. She was waiting for a call from an apartment she wanted, and rushed her job with me so she could check her voicemail and talk to her new prospective roommate. I get it. But it doesn't feel good on my end, when I was really looking forward to this, and even now I feel kind of hurt that she lied to me and thought I wouldn't notice. Plus four days later, I'm finding split ends. This has never happened to me after a haircut. In the end, I would like to return to Christine, but I don't want to work with Jennifer.


Janice S.
Great experience! Jenna listened and gave me a great haircut!


Michaela D.
Taylor was very welcoming and knowledgeable!! I definitely had an amazing experience at this salon and look forward to coming back for more work! Thanks Taylor!!


Christine L.
I would write up this review for my experience at hair by Christine and co.I and had a cut, foil, and blow-dry by Lexi a stylist at hair by Christine and co. I have to say I was so impressed with the professionalism that she had shown me and every step of the way she asked me what I liked and if I had any questions Lexi was right there to answer them. Christine's salon was one in which I will definitely returning too. I even am going to take my two daughters there as well. Thank you for today


Elizabeth B.
I really enjoyed my experience at the salon. Taylor was great and I liked my hair cut!


Erin L.
Great experience today with Summer. It had been forever since I'd had a haircut and brows done. She was extremely friendly and welcoming to me as a new client. I really appreciated that, as I was rushing from work, left my wallet in the car, etc. Really nice group of people and I'll be back soon.


Amanda C.
Today was my first time coming here and I left feeling SO happy and in love with my hair cut! Taylor did such a wonderful job and most importantly I trusted her! I will definitely be coming back again to see her!!! Thank you!!


Theresa M.


Lael P.


Tayla B.
Ashley was great and my hair came out so good. She made me feel very comfortable. Great experience!


Danielle F.
I'm getting married in 6 months and I needed someone to get my eyebrows under control. I found the perfect girl for the job, Samantha. She explained everything and what we would do for future appointments to get the look I desired .. she was amazing! Thanks so much!


Morgan H.
Ashley was absolutely fabulous! I couldn't be happier with my cut and color.


Logan C.
I had a great cut with Ashley! She listened to what I wanted, told me what would look good (it's the little details that count), and boy did she make it look good. I'll definitely be returning for more.


Patricia D.
I haven't had my hair cut or styled for many years and for many reasons. Summer listened to what I wanted, made suggestions and gave me exactly what I wanted. I love my new hairstyle! Summer is amazing, everyone at the salon is very professional and the salon itself is lovely. Thank you Summer! Can't wait to come back.


Michaela B.
Everyone in the salon was very friendly and attentive. I immediately felt welcome and I received a great haircut from Ashley! I will definitely be coming back, thank you!


Heather D.
Great haircut, very reasonably priced, and a kind, attentive staff! Would definitely recommend Hair by Christine!


Caitlin P.
Taylor did a great job.


Lee O.
Today I got my first-ever great haircut from Taylor. I am so greatly happy with my experience at this Salon. This is the first of many cuts to come here. Thank you for your wonderful experience and cut. FINALLY I found a great SALON!!!!! LEE O'KEEFE


Gail B.
My experience at this salon was completely positive. I felt as though i was in the hands of a real professional with Taylor and I have my next appointment-that's the best recommendation I can give!


Coty B.
First time ..No complains .. Very professional from beginning to end .


Charlotte D.
Ashley is amazing with long hair if you want just s trim she'll do just that and not cut too much.Great personality .Five stars!!


Kaitlyn G.
I had my appointment with Taylor she seemed nice, but my hair cut was more along the lines of Pro-Cuts. I chose Christine and Co, because of the great reviews on yelp and Photos, and since my last time to a salon was so long ago, I figured it was time to find a new place. I told Taylor I wanted a trim and not much taken off of my normal length. I also told her that I had a bad experience with my last hair dresser and that I didn't go back because she left one side of my hair longer than the other. I asked her if she could trim my grown out bangs and I told her that I have some long layers already and I would like to keep them that way. Basically just trim what was already there. Taylor began to cut into my hair starting with my layers- I was a bit disturbed because I have never seen anyone cut into layers they way she was. She was also using mini scissors, I was hoping at some point she would pull real trimmers, but I thought maybe this was all she had. She talked a little bit with me but the conversation died and I was a bit tired so I didn't mind. After she did some of my layers she said she was going to cut an inch off the bottom, and I said ok. I felt her cutting and I almost wanted to stop her because it felt like more than inch was being cut off, but I sat and waited it out. Then she moved onto my bangs and trimmed some of them down, she only did about an inch worth and then there was like a second layer of bang next to that. I asked her if she could fix that, as I was siting there and realized that it didn't look right. She took the mini scissors again to my bangs and somewhat fixed them, but not really looked worse. I said, I usually blow them out a little. She asked me if I wanted her to do that, right after she was told her next appointment was here, and I said- I guess i can do it at home. Disappointment. I had waited 6 months grown my hair out until it was down to almost my ass, I left with at least 3 inch's from the bottom taken off and layers that had a weird angle in the back, so I now have no choice but to do a full set of foils cause my hair looks weird as shit. My bangs also are choppy and don't flow together just like my layers. I am not happy at all. I have video of my hair 2 weeks prior- long and beautiful- now its like I went to Pro-cuts all over. And I will be calling to cancel my existing appointment with Taylor tomorrow due to have to rock this hair due for Thanksgiving. Maybe she is better at color, but I can't risk it. Sorry- please don't post on your blog- I am just being honest. KG.


Rachel F.
After hearing so many great things about this salon I finally made an appointment and got a cut today. I'm so glad I did! I loved the salon and everyone there was so nice. Samantha cut my hair and I absolutely love it! She was so nice and she did an awesome job. It was a great experience and I can't wait to go back. There's nothing better than a good haircut.


Courtney S.
Taylor was personable, had a plan for my hair after I described what I wanted and worked efficiently. I was in and out and I appreciated it.


Julie W.
I had a great visit! Summer is wonderful, gets curly hair, and was really fun to talk to! I'm definitely about to become a regular


Jessie B.
Ashley did a great job. She really listened to what I wanted done, and the results were great.


Sara D.
I just had my first bad experience here, after getting my hair done here for several years, and it's direct result of a policy change. What I loved about this place (and the stylists who worked there) was that they took the time to listen to what I was looking for, they had the expertise to recommend the best course of action, and the flexibility to make it happen on the spot, even if you needed a time-consuming thing. Which I understand must have meant a somewhat inefficient schedule, leaving so much room between appointments to have that flexibility. But that's what set them apart from all the other salons. As someone who has hair that can be a bit problematic at times, I cannot overstate how much I valued this, and was converted to a loyal customer after my first haircut. But it seems that in an effort to schedule more efficiently, they now have lost that flexibility. I called and clearly asked for a trim and color, which she referred to as "single process" and scheduled my appointment. Great. Turns out that my hair is dark enough that "color" does not mean single process, because they have to lighten it first. Silly me, I thought single process meant one color, and that was my mistake. But the receptionist incorrectly assumed either that my hair was light enough to dye without lightening first, or that I knew what single process meant, or both, and that was her mistake--and she's the one who is expected to know what she's doing, that's why I'm paying for salon services in the first place. So when I arrived, it turned out that there just wasn't time for me to get the services I originally attempted to schedule. I got the trim because I didn't want to be rude, which is really dumb, and I actually regret not just leaving--it would have been more convenient since I was going to have to come back anyway. To be fair, the cut I got was very nice, as they always are. The work the stylists do here is always excellent, and if that's all you care about, then this is unquestionably a good fit for you. If you're like me and sometimes need some additional help figuring out a strategy, or if you're not super confident that you're asking for the right thing when you call, or if you just really enjoy those occasional times when you go in for a trim and decide on the fly "oh what the hell, let's go hot pink!" then it seems that, due to whatever changes in their scheduling policy, this no longer that sort of salon. I would absolutely recommend it for anyone who knows exactly what they want and how to communicate that, and if I'm ever in that situation I will definitely be coming back. Unfortunately for me, that rarely happens.


Sarah P.
I recently moved to the area and was looking for a salon in the area. I found the reviews on yelp and the prices were really reasonable. My appointment was with Taylor who was really attentive during the consultation and gave some really good advice in terms of the color and cut. The salon is really vibrant and clean and everyone was very attentive and helpful. I am very happy and made sure to book my next appointment in a few weeks!


Amy C.
Summer did an amazing job with my vibrant color and totally understood what I was going for. I was a nervous first time customer and will be coming back.


Vicki H.
I visited your salon for the first time today. It was a very pleasurable experience. Taylor styled my hair. She was experienced and a delight to work with. The overall feeling of your salon is welcoming and comfortable. Everyone seems to be having a great time taking care of their clients. Looking forward to visiting again soon.


Carol G.
My hair was done by Brie. She did an excellent job!! She was awesome!! Will be coming back!!


Wesley L.
Great experience, thanks!


Stacy F.
Taylor did a great job!! Very clean salon and definitely going back there again!!


Marisa F.
Sam was great. She helped me donate my hair and have me advice on how to style and what work work best with my fave and lifestyle! Highly recommend!


Annie R.
I love my new haircut! Samantha is super friendly and did a great job with my hair. I'm definitely coming back here for my next cut!


Barbara G.
Very pleased with my cut and service - thank you!


Anne S.
Samantha did a great job cutting my hair and made my whole first visit to your salon a really positive experience. Thank you!


Nancy M.
Just got my full foil , cut and blow dry from Sammy once again and as always I'm delighted !!! The salon is absolutely beautiful and makes one feel like they're in Paris . I love the owner Christine and all the girls there. It has a very warming atmosphere with enough girl banter to make it a fun salon to be in. I always have a great experience here!! So women you must try this unique salon in the heart of Somerville You won't be sorry!


Kali M.
Brie did a great job on my hair. I really appreciated that he called over another stylist to blend my bang grow-out when she wasn't sure what to do. I was very impressed that she asked for help. I also loved that I was out of the salon within an hour. Yes, I had a relatively simple cut but it was great to not spend two+ hours (that I didn't have) getting my hair done.


Brianna X.
This was my first time here and Ashley was absolutely fantastic! She is without a doubt the best hairdresser I have ever been to. She was ridiculously sweet, patient, and at the same time incredibly knowledgeable. She jumped through hoops to make me happy and I appreciate it SO much! I will without a doubt be back and I do not have enough nice things to say about her, thank you so much for making my first time so enjoyable, I will definitely be back for many more haircuts to come!


Melissa A.
Fab local salon!!


Haley B.
I basically look like a cyberpunk hacker who's going to go steal data from a megacorporation right now, so haircut successful. Samantha took some very loose parameters and worked wonders within them; great cut, great styling advice, great experience, would go again.


Marissa N.
Brie spent 5.5 hours fixing my damaged hair and although it was a long time it was worth it for the amazing results. Thank you!


Mimi G.
First time at the salon and got a great cut. Everyone was very friendly. Nice to have been offered a beverage upon arriving. What would make the experience even better -- I wish I could have tipped my stylist on my credit card. At the very least, let newcomers know before their appointment the cash only policy before the appointment so I'm not embarrassed to be handing over the few couple dollars I happened to have had on me.


Laura D.
I went to Hair by Christine & Co. for the first time today and I had a great experience. I love the cut Summer gave me and would highly recommend this salon to others!


Grace D.
Best salon experience ever!


Kiona H.
I had a great time at Hair by Christine. My stylist was Ashley and I went in for a full balayage, cut, and blow dry. Not only did my hair look amazing, but everyone was super friendly and kind. I really loved the atmosphere and happily made a second appointment to see Ashley again. Would HIGHLY recommend this salon.


Suzanne S.
A friend recommended Hair by Christine, and I'm glad she did! Summer did a wonderful job, and it was nice to be in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Everyone was very professional and welcoming. I'll definitely be coming back!


Kathy S.
Friendly, personable, great cut, affordable price. I will be back.


Joselyn I.
I personally felt very welcome! I've never had an experience at a hair salon where well it felt like home!, I was a bit nervous, and felt a bit awkward at times because I've never had such a nice 1st time experience like this! Even with my nervousness/awkwardness I want to let them know personally through this survey/review that that truly meant a lot to me!, and Summer really listened to what I was asking/looking for!, the overall experience to even when you come through the door and talked with the stylists at the desk truly felt warm and welcoming!, so I'm very excited and definitely looking forward to my hair appointment next week!, So far this place is truly awesome! :)


Gopi D.
As a new client, I came to get my hair cut and blowdryed by Brie. She was wonderful! She took a lot of time to understand my hair needs, what I liked, and discuss different options for my hair. She was very thoughtful in checking in multiple times throughout the whole process, and I got out of her chair feeling amazing! I've gotten so many compliments on my haircut and I can't wait for the next one!


Sherry P.
Great atmosphere, great products, great cut & blow dry. I am a happy girl :) Brie is awesome!


Sarah N.
Samantha is great - she did exactly what I asked (cleaned up my long-ish hair and introduced some side bangs) and was really friendly and fun to talk to while I was getting the cut. 100% satisfied and plan on going back!


Malaika E.
Went in for a consultation, prior to scheduling an appointment, I spoke with Sam about the color I would like to have and how we can get it. She was very nice and accommodating, and I look forward to our appointment together.


Amy K.
I had a wonderful experience at Hair by Christine & Co, the staff was incredibly friendly, and Summer was great. I have curly hair and have gone through my fair share of bad haircuts, but Summer took the time to understand my curls and gave me a cut that looks great and is low maintenance. I highly recommend this great Somerville gem.


Diana F.
I came to Hair by Christine and Co as the first haircut I've gotten since July and the first I've gotten since moving back to the Boston area and I am so happy! I really had a relationship with my previous stylist (out of state) and am so glad I came to Hair and had an awesome first experience that matches the quality professionalism, and care of my last stylist. Brie was awesome -- she really listened and did what I wanted and still offered suggestions. I love my new cut!


Dori G.
Earlier this week, I got my Yeti brows brows waxed/shaped at Christine's, and I am absolutely thrilled with the results! It was just a relatively small job, but has yielded significant positive results. I look better, and more importantly, feel better. My newly human, non-simian, brows are so improved, I finally can stop hiding them under heavy eyeglass frame. However, the best part of getting my brows shaped at Hair by Christine was the friendly and comfortable service by everyone working at the salon.The pampering started the moment I entered through the door, with a comforting cup of hot green tea, and continued throughout my time there. I only wish I had had more work to do on the visit! I can hardly wait to return for not only routine brow maintenance, but for other cosmetics work, as well. Believe me, I am a still work in progress, but if anyone can help me tackle my needs regarding my personal needs, Christine's can do it!


Erica W.
I really enjoyed my visit. Bri did a great job. I appreciated that since she is a junior stylist, she had a senior stylist do a quick check before I left.


Sean S.
Samantha did a great job and I am very pleased with my new hair!


Heidi G.
Loved how my hair came out! Very friendly service. Will be going back!


Rachael W.
Bri was very warm and friendly, and gave me exactly the cut I had asked for, plus some great tips on care for dry hair. Thanks- I'll definitely be back!


Tessa N.
Friendly, gave me what I wanted. I like the text reminders about the appointment


Katie H.
I had another incredible experience at Hair by Christine with Samantha. The friendly, fun staff run an excellent business that always satisfies


Anne B.
My first time at the salon & I am pleased to report it was an excellent experience from start to finish. Ashley was very patient & thorough assessing what I wanted for a color and cut, both of which turned out even better than I envisioned. Another stylist, Brie, did a great blowout as well. The results are sensational. As an added metric I factor in unsolicited feedback from others & it's been consistently positive. Will certainly recommend & return!


Elizabeth W.
I had a great time on my first trip to the salon! Brie, a junior stylist, was fantastic: professional, experienced, personable. I got the sense that everyone at the salon took a lot of pride and joy in their work. Definitely a bit more expensive than my old salon back home, but I will probably go back the next time I want to dye my hair red again. I trust this crew to do a good job and to produce results.


Siri P.
Love my haircut from Briana. She did a great job, and my hair feels and looks great. She wasn't very chatty, but if that's what it takes for her to give me a good cut, I don't mind much.


Claire H.
I had the best time here! I have been living in Somerville for 7 years. The first few years I used to still get my haircut when I visited my parents because I was nervous to try somewhere around here. Recently, I've had to start going to local places just out of convenience. Anyway, none of the local places have impressed me enough for me to go back... until now. I will be returning to Hair by Christine! Thanks!! I loved my cut by Summer and enjoyed the atmosphere. Everyone I interacted with in the salon was super friendly. I'll be back :)


Lauren C.
Everyone was friendly and super informative.


Maura O.
Brianna cut my hair today. She gave me a nice, fresh cut and took special care to nicely blowout my hair.


Ashley C.
This was one of the best salon experiences I have had in years. From the moment I walked in I felt welcomed and comfortable. These ladies know their stuff! I can't wait to come back.


Jim B.
I expected the button in your "Thank You" email to link to the survey, but, there seems to be no way to get to it, unfortunately. I am interested in taking it and utilizing the $10 discount, though. New client, Jim Baab


Erin F.
What a gem I found tucked away in Somerville! I just moved to the area from downtown, and I booked an appointment with Ashley on the recommendation of a friend. I had pushed my haircut off for so long that I was desperate to get in! Hair by Christine was able to fit me in right away without a problem. Ashley was such a pleasure to talk to. She has a sincere and happy personality. She understood what I was looking for and did not disappoint. The cut was fabulous, and I'll definitely be returning. The salon had a very down to earth vibe that was immediately welcoming. It felt like a place I had been going to for years even though it was only my first time. This is definitely my new spot!


Kelly F.
Sam is great! I am so glad to hear that she has achieved master stylist. I know she worked hard for that. Way to go, Sam!


Jane B.
The salon is beautiful. Atmosphere is great and everyone is so nice. Most important is my haircut--very chic and perfectly cut. Thank you Christine!


Kim W.
Summer was great! She really listened and understood what I wanted from a haircut and was very engaging, too. Will definitely return!


Rebecca M.
I was lucky to get in for a haircut as a walk-in today, because of the storm. Sam was very friendly and did a great job. The haircut isn't quite what I was anticipating (a fringe undercut with a tight fade) but I think it looks great regardless. I get nervous asking for masculine haircuts at salons, since I'm not a man. But I felt comfortable at HBC. The price was also great! Thanks!


Amy D.
thanks for a great haircut today, Ashley! exactly what I wanted and efficient :) i will be a repeat customer


Ellen D.
First time I had been to Christine & Co. Summer gave me an excellent cut. Easy to make reservations online.


Rebecca M.
I've been a neighbor for over a year but today was my first time in. Great, friendly staff, and my hair looks pretty great too. ;)


Ali S.
Summer was super friendly and knowledgable. She helped me find a perfect hairstyle ! Loved the experience !


Alison B.
I had a great experience here with Samantha! I will definitely be back!


Stephanie S.
I love my haircut! The staff was very friendly and welcoming and the haircut is just what I wanted. The decor is very cute and unique also.


Rebecca B.
Had a great experience!


Melissa D.
It had been two years since I had a haircut and I am always wary of new salons but I drive by this salon all the time and figured I should give it a shot. I had a great experience, I was only coming in for a haircut but Samantha took time and dried my hair as wel as added some product. I wanted to talk to her about getting my hair dyed and she was super helpful. We booked my next appointment and I am looking forward to going back. This will definitely be my new salon!


Rachel B.
I LOVED my experience with Samantha today. My hair was long overdue for a cut and I am so pleased with the result! Everyone was super nice, she listened to what I wanted and cut the best bangs I've had in a long time. I immediately made a follow-up appointment and will never let myself go like I did before. Thanks Samantha!


Sarah W.
My roommate recommended I try Hair by Christine so I booked an appointment with Samantha and truly enjoyed my experience! The space is great, everyone was very friendly, Sam was on time and got me out of there in a timely manner. I've gotten so many compliments from all of my friends and co-workers. I'll definitely be back!


Sara M.
Thought my hair came out great!


Halley F.
My stylist was great! She was very friendly, listened to what I wanted, and I got exactly that!


Subnam K.
Briana did a great job!


Christine S.
I had a great first experience at Hair. Samantha did a good job of listening to what I wanted as well as giving advice for what would work well for my hair. She gave me a excellent cut. I will certainly be a repeat customer.


Carolyn B.
Jenna took lots of time to make sure that everything would be the way I wanted it and gave very helpful suggestions! Excellent service, and less expensive than many nearby salons.


Amy M.
I am so impressed by my stylist's patient listening & interpretive skills, feeling very appreciative. Absolutely love the results!


Sarah K.
Samantha was friendly and professional. She understood the cut I was going for, and delivered. And she's fast (but not too fast)!


Kerrin T.
I had such a great appointment tonight with Samantha. I will definitely be returning and asking for her. Thanks!


Maggie C.
Sam was awesome! She gave me an amazing purple ombre that came out exactly like I wanted. She took the time to make sure my process was done correctly and was friendly and engaging the entire time. It was my first time at Hair by Christine after a not-so-great experience at my previous salon. I was worried about going somewhere new but I am so happy with my hair and Sam's service. Thank you!


Christina P.
This was my first time visiting the salon and I had a great experience. The front desk receptionist was prompt and polite. Jenna did a great job helping me decide on a cut and answered all of my questions. I'm very happy with the results! Thanks again!


Mary K.
Happy with experience! I originally made the appointment for a keratin blowout and cut, changed my mind 2 days before and called- they were understanding and pleasant on the phone. I had Samantha give me a dry cut. Asked me a lot of questions about my hair, how I wear it/style it, and what I wanted- which is great. I just got a couple inches off and freshened up my layered- not a big change but that's what I asked for. I was pleased with the results and the salon was cozy and welcoming.


Clare M.
Love the cut, thanks!


Kenla S.
I went to a Boston salon and got a terrible uneven cut - my hair is naturally curly and I ended up looking like a VERY fluffy poodle! I went in to see Jenna and she did exactly what I asked. She took the time to listen and before taking any length off she checked in to make sure I was OK with it. After years of searching for the right stylist, I can honestly say that I have found her!


Jocelyn C.
Jenna did exactly what I asked for and I am very happy with the results!


Sharon D.
Great experience! Summer is very talented and gives a sense of confidence and creativity. I knew I wanted something new and different, but I needed guidance. Summer gave me that guidance and I'm happy with the result!


Mary A.
Great experience.


Joanna K.
The salon was unique, Sam did an amazing job with my outdated long grown out hair style by giving me a fresh new look.


Christine V.
My cut with Jenna was awesome. I went from shoulder length hair to a great pixie style with a bit of an under cut and she was totally down with the radical hair change!


Kirsten B.
I was nervous to try a new salon as my hair is not easy to cut and style and because I dread ending up with boring blah hair. Not only did I look great but they were nice, knowledgeable and fun.


Rachel D.
awesome haircut and overall great experience


Daniela M.
I love this place! I felt so welcomed. Samantha did such a lovely job on my long frizzy hair. It feels silky and bouncy now, and I still have nice length! Samantha listened to what I was looking for really well. I will be back! And this time I won't let so much time go by before my next cut.


Rachel C.
Fabulous! Jenna did a great Jon on my haircut. She asked plenty of questions and gave me exactly what I was looking for.


Allison R.
Love the atmosphere and Sam!


Erica J.
Samantha did a great job! She did exactly what I needed and made sure I was happy during and after! Thank you!


Ramona A. H.
Hi, I had a great experience with Samantha cutting my curly hair. It was my first visit. She listened to my request, asked questions and made suggestions. The results were perfect. Very happy with the price of my cut (with no blow dry), also. Especially pleased that she stepped in to keep my appointment after a co-worker fell ill. I look forward to my next visit for a coloring. R Hopkins


Alison H.
I was not sure what to expect -- it's been a long time since I changed salons and stylists -- but I completely relaxed and enjoyed my appointment with Summer. She had the experience to make recommendations about my hair ( thick and curly) that actually fit into my lifestyle. I'm looking forward to exploring what comes next!


Shira R.
I had a great experience. Jenna was very thoughtful with her cut.


Jillian S.
Love my cut! Sam did a great job and is so sweet!


Kseniya S.
Thanks for the great cut!


Emily N.
Jen was great - understood what I wanted right away and made me feel comfortable as a client. The salon itself is very nice - my only complaint is that you can't tip on credit cards...I felt bad not having enough cash to leave the tip she deserved! I'll just have to get her my next visit :)


Renee C.
I had a great experience! The place was clean, fun, and the people personable! My hair dresser Samantha was a sweetie and very knowledgeable! I will definitely be back for another cut, and bangs trim!


Bridget C.
Service was great. Jenna listened to all of my hair requests and I love my new cut! Definitely liked the option to have water coffee or tea when I came in. Online booking was super easy.


Sara R.
great haircut.


Luan M.
I really enjoyed my haircut with Jenna. She was very thorough in explaining what she was going to do. She was also understanding and did her best to give me exactly what I wanted. The thing I liked the most was that unlike most stylists, she admitted that she never did a precision snip and asked another woman to her. I do not know the other girl's name, but she was also very understanding and gave me what I wanted. I explained to her that I did not know how thick I wanted my precision line, so she said she'd start off thin and work her way up to a thicker one if I wanted. Another thing I loved was that Jenna was very careful with my industrial piercing and apologized whenever she hit it on accident (I have a healing industrial). Overall, my experience at Hair by Christine & Co. was very different from most salons and barbers I go to. The ladies do not talk to each other to the point of them having to stop my haircut, I was talked to and treated quite well, and they actually gave me what I wanted, as though my hair was their number 1 priority. I really do hope it stays that way, and I will definitely be rescheduling an appointment with Jenna again as soon as my mane grows out (using my 10 dollars off voucher, of course!).


Lori P.
Today i visited Christine & Co. Hair Salon. I had an excellent experience! The staff were very friendly and professional. Samantha cut and styled my hair exactly how I wanted it. And they even squeezed me in at the last minute I didnt have an appointment! How is that for accomodating? I would highly recommend this salon to your friends and family they are great!!!! Kudos.!


Leslie G.
Christine is amazing!


Christina P.
Who knew behind the lion mane there was a person! Jenna helped me chop 10 inches to donate and then styled my hair with the perfect amount of flirt and flounce. I was so reluctant to find a new 'go-to person' after going back to NY for four years; I finally took the plunge at Hair by Christine and could not be happier! Thanks for such a great experience with such a prized possession.


Reeni M.
This was my first visit and I am very happy with my color. I tried other stylists prior to coming to Hair by Christine but they were unable to achieve the color result I was looking for. Jenna nailed it with no problem at all. The color is vivid and shiny and I didn't have to go under the dryer. (The other stylist used 40 volume and put me under the dryer with poor results.) I have friends that go to this salon and they have beautiful hair cuts and color. I don't know what took me so long!!!


Christine L.
A great cut from Jenna at a very competitive price. I will be back!


Jieun C.
I had a wonderful time at Hair by Christine with Jenna, who cut my hair last weekend. The receptionist greeted me and offered me a beverage, which was really nice. I only had to wait a few minutes before I was introduced to Jenna. In the beginning, she asked me a few questions to figure out exactly what I was looking for, and was kind enough to braid and bag my hair after she cut it off so that I could send it in for donation. Also, I asked her to avoid touching my relatively new and sensitive cartilage piercing as much as possible. I was expecting to have to remind her at least once throughout the session because I feel like it's easy for something relatively minor like this to drop off the radar when you're concentrated on the task of cutting someone's hair. But she was mindful of it the entire session---I was really grateful! My haircut wasn't anything super complicated---just a straight shoulder-length bob. Nonetheless Jenna did a speedy but still thorough job, and I was happy with the way it turned out. The only thing, which I realized after I left the salon, is that I wasn't sure the 20% junior stylist discount was applied to my final fee (I paid $39). But other than that, I had a great time and I'd definitely go back to Christine's for my next haircut.


Lisa B.
I am happy with my hair- finally a stylist that listened! I am also very happy that your space is lgbttqi positive!! I will be returning!


Charlotte R.
I booked an appointment with Summer and liked her as soon as I stepped inside. I was cutting off probably 14+ inches of hair and getting an undercut, and she pulled it off perfectly. My hair looks and feels great!


Lia C.
Samantha gave me the first haircut I've been satisfied with in a really long time. The salon was really beautiful, and it felt great that I didn't feel uncomfortable as a queer woman with really short hair. Thank-you so much!


Daniela C.
I enjoyed getting my hair cut here! I do wish my stylist Jenna would smile because she was super nice and did a great job. A smile goes a long way though. I will be a repeat customer!


Michelle C.
I love this salon! The staff are very friendly and I arrived 15 minutes early, and was seated right away. Samantha did an AMAZING job on my hair! I highly recommend this salon!


Danielle B.
Sam was great! She took the time to talk to me about what I liked and didn't about my current hair cut and then made suggestions for a new style. I loved how my cut and color turned out and will be back!


Buffy B.
I made a last minute appointment with Summer and am so happy I got in. I went from long to short and Summer really took the time to make sure my cut turned out super cute. Also, A+ for the bag hooks...so simple but so awesome.


Casi N.
Nice, chill atmosphere, friendly stylist, nice cut.


Nora K.
I had a pretty marvelous first experience at Hair by Christine. Samantha was amazing! I have been going to a certain fancy place for years, and they weren't giving me the haircuts I had gotten early on, so I decided it was time to move on. I came in to Sam with tired, winter hair and told her I was hoping for lightness and volume. She went to work and I emerged with a nearly perfect cut that I've been getting compliments on all weekend. She did a highly attentive, careful job, and a great blowout, and gave me tips on staying on top of very long hair. I'm looking forward to coming back in 8 weeks. Thank you again! Nora


Rhiannon R.
I am so happy with my haircut from Jenna! Yesterday was my first time at Hair by Christine, and Jenna was awesome. She took the time to ask what I wanted and show me photos (I was cutting off a lot of hair) and gave me a cut with a great shape and style. I am so excited to have found a salon that is close to home, affordable, and with a fantastic, thoughtful stylist.


Sand P.
Very kind and accomadating to requests


Lindsay B.
Got exactly what I asked for!


Michelle L.
I hadn't gotten a haircut at a salon in over five years because every time I would leave the hairdresser I would be in tears and have to go home to perform emergency hair surgery or just weep for days/weeks until it began to grow back. Well, needless to say, I was hacking into my own hair unevenly and having my boyfriend cut the back for me into an asymmetrical pixie cut for years and since I had control of it, I thought it looked fine and dandy enough. We recently got engaged, however, and I decided I wanted to try to grow my hair out to look more bridal, and had been doing so for about six months. My hair was a jumbled, uneven, dry, frizzy, dead-end mess and I didn't know how to cut long hair, so I knew I needed real salon intervention. I sucked it up and went onto Yelp to begin my extensive research, knowing there had to be somebody out there who wouldn't butcher my hair worse than I already was myself. I saw that Hair by Christine & Co. had really great reviews (even for their junior stylists) so I bit the bullet and made an appointment. When I got there I was so nervous and awkward that I literally was embarrassed of myself, however Sam was so nice and really listened to me and helped me to figure out the perfect haircut without losing too much of the length that I had been painstakingly trying to hold on to. She also had great recommendations for products that would help keep my hair looking healthy and not damaged. I ended up with a neat, manageable, asymmetrical bob and I am so pleased with it! Thanks so much, Sam :) I will definitely be back to maintain my hair and keep it looking healthy and stylish!


Kayla P.
Got a drastically different haircut than my usual haircut today. I was very nervous about it and wanted it to look spectacular. I reached out to Christine and she went out of her way to make sure I was taken care of. She cut my hair herself! When I got there, I felt so welcome, such a judgment free zone. She spent the time to talk with me about what I wanted and gave me some feedback which was helpful since I know not a thing about her craft. We talked and laughed the whole time which made me feel like I've been going there all my life. When my haircut was done, Christine taught me how to style it including several options which was fantastic. I ended up buying products for a very reasonable price because I know they have to be of high quality. She booked my next appointment on the spot, so easy. You need to go to this salon. Such a fantastic, humorous atmosphere, you'll feel like you're just shooting the shit with friends! Tell them Kayla sent you!!!


Danielle B.
Jenna was lovely and gave me a great haircut! I'm currently trying out hairdressers in the area, but, as of now, this is the best haircut I've had!


Ellie C.
My favorite Hairdressing shop. Best Hairdressers. ..Sam is awesome slways smiling. ..great work.